Make your event unforgettable with NightStyle Photo Booth! Our innovative features bring a new level of excitement, starting with animated GIFs that give your photos a dynamic twist, perfect for sharing and spreading the fun on social media. Say goodbye to ordinary messages—leave heartfelt notes or create hilarious skits with our video message feature, guaranteeing laughs and heartfelt moments. Customize your photos with animated overlays and a variety of filters, ensuring each picture is as unique as your event. Trust NightStyle Photo Booth to make your event a hit, leaving you with memories that will last a lifetime.


🎨 Customized Prints: Personalize your prints with your event's theme, colours, and date. Add your logo or a special message to create a lasting keepsake.

📱 Digital Sharing: Share your photos instantly on social media or via email, so everyone can join in the fun, even if they couldn't make it to your event.

🎭 Props Galore: From silly hats to funky glasses, our wide selection of props adds an extra element of fun to your photos.

👩 Professional Attendant: A friendly attendant will be on hand throughout your event to ensure everything runs smoothly and to assist your guests with the photo booth.

🎥 Video Messages: Don't just capture moments, capture emotions! Our photo booth allows your guests to leave heartfelt video messages. It's a personal touch that adds a whole new dimension to your event, creating memories that go beyond a simple photograph.

🎉 Animated Overlays: Elevate your photos with dynamic animated overlays, bringing a touch of magic to every snapshot. From glittering confetti to dazzling sparkles, our overlays ensure that your photos stand out from the crowd.

🖼️ Playful Edits with Filters: Unleash your creativity with a variety of playful edits and filters. Transform your photos into vibrant works of art or give them a vintage charm. Customization is key, and we provide endless possibilities to suit your unique style.

🎊 Versatile Photo Booth Experience: Capture timeless memories with our high-quality Photos, freeze-frame the fun with our Slow-mo feature, add a playful twist with Boomerang shots that loop endlessly, and unleash your creativity with dynamic Video recording.